A Duo We Didn’t Know we needed has Emerged!

A duo we didn’t know we were missing out on or ever needed has recently emerged! They have been friends for years, their roots run deep in not only Texas but in Texas Music.  Wade Bowen has been working on new music constantly here recently, and with Miranda Lambert spending some much needed time in Texas they found that the stars have finally aligned for the first time allowing them to write together. Miranda posted it up on her social media yesterday

Miranda Captioned it “Lately in Texas….🌮🍺☀️😎🧡

We Sunday Funday’d and Taco Tuesday’d our a**es off. Got to spend some time with little bro @lukelambert and bro in law @marc.allende and some good old friends. Me and @wadebowen have been friends for over 20 years and we finally sat down and wrote a song together for the first time yesterday in the Texas sunshine. Well actually 2 songs. And one of them we might have rhymed George Strait with chicken fried steak. Prolly my fav rhyme ever! 😂👏 I have a lot of new smile lines after these last few days in ATX! Sorry y’all some of these pics are blurry but the memories won’t be.”

This might be one of our favorite rhymes too now! I hope we get to hear this soon.  It is still hard to believe after 20+ years of friendship that they have never wrote together, but if the timing is just right, you have to take it! Looking forward to hopefully getting to hear these songs soon.

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