Zac Brown Releases ’80s-Parody Video For ‘Swayze’

Zac Brown’s solo album, The Controversy, arrived in September—a collection of unusual songs that included the tune “Swayze.”  Brown told fans in a video introducing Controversy that: “I love country, but I love other things, too. So this is my outlet. This is my chance to be an artist and be creative and it’s another side.”

Now the music video for “Swayze” has been released, in which Brown himself does not appear — he’s given the honors to TV’s Jake Nodar, who appears on Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid among many other shows. Nodar dons a blond wig and dances about in ’80s fitness gear and pokes fun of the pottery scene from Patrick Swayze’s 1990 classic film Ghost. Brown told People, who debuted the clip. “I’m actually a Patrick Swayze fan and the song and music video are absolutely for fun. The video was definitely made to bring some laughs.”

Take a look at the video for “Swayze” at the link here.

Zac Brown’s ’80s-Themed ‘Swayze’ Video Honors Late Actor by Hilariously Recreating Ghost Scene


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