Meet Robert Ray

It’s always fun to interview up and coming artists. Especially when the interview starts off a little routine, but then you find that spark of something where it becomes a conversation instead of an interview. I can always tell when I hit that point because I look down at the recorder and suddenly what was meant to be a short interview turns into something way longer. That’s what happened with Robert Ray, I was a fan of his sound, he’s definitely in that traditional country vein, so when it came time to chat, it was finding that common ground. And of course, it was baseball. I always hope that you, the listener, feel like you’re just a fly on the wall when the interviews turn into a conversation and start going long, that you forget there’s a speaker between us. That’s my goal when I bring in folks like Robert Ray, I want you to dig their music, but I also want you to find that common spark so you can have that same conversation when you see him live and talk to him after the show. In case you missed that original airing of my conversation with Robert, listen to it below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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